Day 1, July 27: Leibertingen – Go East!

We started today late afternoon in Leibertingen. There was stuff to do at the airfield, at the planes and in the club, so we were ready to leave at 3pm. Planes were packed and we ready to go:

Our original plan (fly west, circumnavigate Munich ctr south and go north east) was changed after 10 minutes of flight. Clouds on the north east of the Schwäbische Alb were too tempting.

First we had cumlus, later it got all blue. We passed Hayingen, Aalen, Nördlingen, where thermals were still ok. We decided to land and stay in Regensburg Oberhub. Hans made it to Regensburg soaring, I had to use the engine once for the last kms.

Pure Motorplane Airfield and a friendly welcome ;-). No aerortow, no winch. (The Club in Schwandorf was very supportive and sent his Dimona the next morning).

Stayed in a Gasthof (Metzgerwirt) which we can recommend.

OLC link,flight day 1

See the pictures of this day: