Summary Wanderflug 2013

In these 3 days of Wandersegelflug we had per person / plane about

15:00 hours flying time (11:53 hours OLC)

700 km x-country flying (in soaring configuration / OLC)

60 km/h average speed

This doesn’t appear to be a lot nor fast when considering soaring competition conditions. But competition is not what Wandersegelflug is about. It’s about the trip itself, about travelling and using each possible day. Enjoying the freedom of flying where you want and landing where it’s possible.

This is our complete track flown:

Flugstrecken des Wandersegelflugs 2013

Flugstrecken des Wandersegelflugs 2013

These are the OLC files of XO during this trip:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3 (no flying)

Day 4

Dieser Reisebericht ist in Deutsch verfügbar hier.

oder hier:

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