Day 4, July 30: Weißenburg – Go West to Leibertingen

DG800 squenching

Weather forecast looks okay. We will try to head back to Schwaebische Alb and Leibertingen. Checking planes, meteo and track planning around noon, then take off.

Starting Line



Starting Line 2

Starting Line 2

As usual Hans took an aerotow for the Ventus 2cT and the DG self launched.
During takeoff rain approached from north west and we headed towards Donauwoerth first. Thermals were good. I in the DG had rain and was washed down. Had to use the engine at Donauwoerth.
With some distance to the rain everything turned perfect. Strong thermals, cloud base 1800 – 2000 m. Westerly winds at 25 – 30 km/h.
Later, when leaving the Alb I did the mistake of gliding into the valley at Burg Hohenzollern too low. Change of weather  / thermals there and I didn’t get a lift – engine again.
Lesson: either don’t leave the Alb or leave at max altitude.


XO Track Weißenburg to Leibertingen

XO Track Weißenburg to Leibertingen

DG landed safely at abt 7pm in Leibertingen. Hans some 45 mins later (with significant more km’s and today’s better pilot).
Here is what XO had with it:
Equipment for the Trip

Equipment for the Trip

From left to right:
– Silver Canopy Cover
– Netbook & powersupply for weather briefing & blogging
– survival – security pack
– plastic bag with food (Müsliriegel)
– air-matress
– toolbox-bag
– poncho / minitent
– sleeping bag (red)
– flight log, aircraft papers, maps (yellow bag)
– clothes, etc (yellow tube-bag)
– Jacket
– drinking bag

See the pictures during flight: