Day 2, July 28: Regensburg – Pilzen – Weissenburg

We started in Regensburg at abt 13:00, heading east. Weather was blue and hot. Thermals in the first hours reached abt 1700m and were not reliable. Strong sink when approaching the Bohemian Forest, that was credited with the first nice, strong thermals. In CZ we experienced strong blue – thermals.
Turningpoint Pilzen at 3000m altitude.
Back to the west. Till Amberg thermals were ok, then the front / thunderstorms in the west showed their power. Engine was used once to get to Weissenburg.
We both landed safely at Weissenburg while thunderstorms were approaching. The local club was extremely helpfull and even made it possible to store our planes in the hangar. Great people!
During the 5+h flight we saw just 1 other glider.

Weissenburg Hangar

We stay in a Gasthof in town. The next days probably is sightseeing, not flying. We’ll have soarable weather on tuesday again.

The flight:

or here:

Regensburg - Pilzen- Weissenburg

Regensburg – Pilzen- Weissenburg